Fall 2013: reporting and user interface upgrades


Our Fall release focuses on attractive, detailed reports, and a better overall user experience. It also paves the way for some new, exciting features coming soon.

New features


We are happy to announce a new reporting system that focuses on explorable, detailed views into your review data.

New reporting features include:

  1. Explorable historic review reports, including detailed tallies and graphs. These new reports show review trends and rollups based on your expert rubrics and history of evaluations and reviews.
  2. Improved report display and printing. Historic reports can now be scrolled and used interactively in your browser, and printed in an attractive format.
  3. Improved report filtering and configuration that you can interact with to explore progress in various ways.
  4. Report settings can now be saved for later used, organized into favourites, and even shared with other administrators in your account.

User experience

We have tuned the web application for readability and usability, improving things like font sizes and spacing, colour choices, and various other accessibility issues. We have also improved the amount of application visible at any given time, maximizing screen usage so that more of a review or report can be worked with at once.

Other improvements

We have made hundreds of minor improvements and fixes. Please contact support if there is a specific improvement or fix you would like more information about.

Supported platforms

Microsoft Windows ®

  • Internet Explorer 9, 10, and 11
  • Firefox (latest versions)
  • Chrome (latest versions)


  • Safari (latest versions)
  • Chrome (latest versions)
  • Firefox (latest versions)

Note: We no longer support Internet Explorer 8 or older.