Release notes - February 2014

Kuzco release notes

This release add a number of new features:

  1. The organization of listings has been improved:
    • The Rubric listing has been redesigned to show rubrics grouped by organizations
    • The Review listing has been redesigned to show reviews grouped by organization
  2. Rubric ownership has been improved:
    • The owner of a rubric can now be changed
  3. Data export has added to reports:
    • Reports can be exported by using the new CSV Export feature.

Listing updates

Navigating your account has been improved. Rubrics and reviews now appear within an organization structure so you can see which organization your resources are part of:

Rubric ownership transfer

You can now reassign rubrics to other administrators or authors:

1: Open the 'Change rubric owner' dialog:

2: Select a user to assign the rubric to

3: Click done - the rubric will now be marked read-only for you, and the assigned person will have the ability to edit that rubric.

The creator of the rubric will always have the ability to change the owner of his rubric - so if a creator assigns a rubric to someone they can always assign it back to themselves to make changes.

CSV Export

Reports can now be exported as CSV, which can be used in spreadsheet programs. To export a report, simply generate a report that you want exported (using data filters) and follow these steps:

1: Click the arrow in the toolbar

2: Click on Export CSV

A file download will start and you'll have an exported report.

If you have a specific report that you need to export often, you can save the report by using our 'Save report parameters 'feature: This will allow you to easily return to the report with filters, and you can export the data as csv as frequently as needed.

Bug fixes

Also included in this release are some small bug fixes that increase the overall user experience when using Rubrix.