Rubrix Release - April 2016


This release focuses largely on improving the user interface. Simpler, more intuitive menus, clear wording and more consistency throughout will improve your experience and make Rubrix easier to use. We have also fixed Review Grading so that elements must be either marked or explicitly omitted.


  • Fixed Review Grading. There was an issue where domains were being considered "complete" when they really weren't. Now, if any element is not marked, the Review Summary will show the domain as being "incomplete." Specific elements may be explicitly skipped by using the Omit feature.

    • (1) This toggles a review between In Progress or Complete. Reviews must be marked as Complete (as shown here) to see the Review Summary.

    • (2) Domains 1-4 have all elements either marked or omitted.

    • (3) Domains 5 & 6 have at least one element that was not marked, so it displays as Incomplete.

To go back to the review and complete the elements in Domains 5 & 6, you must again mark the review as "In Progress." (#1)


  • Fixed Rubric Library. There were situations in which some rubrics were not showing up in the Library when they should have been visible.

  • Preferences for receiving emails and updates about Rubrix has been improved. New users will now receive communications about Rubrix by default. To change your settings:

    • Go to Account page.

    • Click to visit the Profile tab.
    • Click "change your email preferences."

    • Check which subscriptions you would like to receive and click Update.


  • Improved color on some of the reports (nicer gradients from green to red).

  • Menus have been changed so you no longer have to flip between tabs when setting up new users and defining their permissions.

  • Various small UI improvements to make everything more consistent.

  • Improved error messages for clarity. Most notably, when there is a problem with the grading of a review.

This is an automatic web update that does not require action by users. Please email our technical support team if you have any questions regarding this release.