Rubrix release, January 2012

New Features and Interface Improvements

  • Ability to email Reviews to Subjects, with a copy going to the Reviewer and one additional person if desired.
  • Can now create a Rubric “from scratch” or “from a template.” If “from a template,” an established Rubric is used and can then be edited as neccessary. Rubrics that a user owns are available as templates.
  • Any user can now create Rublets for any Rubric in their “My Rubrics” list. They do not have to be the owner. They will be able to see Rublets created by themselves and the Rubric owner, but not other users.
  • Added “Rublet” section to Rubric Overview, with “Add a Rublet” link. This section lists all of the available Rublets.
  • New verification dialog when deleting Rubrics, Subjects, Reviews, etc.
  • New summary review for completed reports, replacing the old report card screen.

Other Improvements and Fixes

  • Changed up email address validation to accommodate different formats.
  • Dashboard announcements “marked as read” now saves setting between logins.
  • “Edit Profile” (for a User) now requires email address.
  • “Edit Profile >> Save” no longer gives a (false) warning that the email address is a duplicate.
  • “District Rubrics” now show all published Rubrics within the Account, no matter which Organization you are viewing.
  • Fixed a visual glitch in IE and FF where the “save” button was being cut off the bottom of a subjects list.
  • Moved the “comments” button to the right side of Degree-selection – this makes it always visible/available no matter how many Degrees are created.
  • Fixed a text-editing bug (bold, italics, etc.) in the Degree editor
  • Fixed a bug where Elements may not be displayed in correct order in Print View.
  • Fixed a bug where longer reviews were cut off when shared by email.
  • Fixed a rublet sharing permissions issue.
  • Fixed hidden domains in print view.
  • Fixed display glitch in organizations page in edge case.

Also, a number of internal changes were made to support upcoming releases.