Rubrix release, June 2013 (Roles and Permissions)

Release Purpose

This release focuses on improving the tools used to manage users within Rubrix. We've added more user types to give administrators finer control over what users are able to access and we've redesigned the Schools and Users page. It also contains many small improvements and bug fixes.

New Features


Users can be assigned one or more roles that grant them permission to use various parts of the application. If a user is enrolled in multiple organizations, they can be assigned different roles in each one.

Account Administrator By default the Account Owner is the first user created in an acconut and has full access to manage all organizations, people, rubrics and reviews within the account. They are the only user who is allowed to create new organizations.

There can only be one user with this role per account. The user who currently holds the role can pass it to any other Organization Administrator via the Billing tab.

Organization Administrator An Organization Administrator has full control to manage the people, rubrics and reviews within an organization. There can be more than one Organization Administrator in any given organization.

Author An author is someone who creates rubrics. Their published rubrics can be used by any staff in the account.

Staff Staff are able to perform reviews against any person within their organization based on rubrics that are favourited from the rubric libraries. If they're creating their own rubrics they will also need the role of Author assigned.

Student A Student is someone on who reviews are performed against. A User with the student role has a valid email address, which they can use to log in to the web application and view any of their completed reviews.

Observer In the future, an Observer will be able to monitor the evaluation process by viewing reviews performed by multiple reviewers. This functionality is not implemented in this version of Rubrix. For now, choosing the Observer role for a user will grant them the same permissions as Student.

Contact In the future, a contact will be linked to one or more subjects. When they login they will be able to see any reviews that have been performed against the subjects they're linked to. This functionality is not implemented in this version of Rubrix. For now, choosing the Contact role for a user will grant them the same permissions as Student.

Schools and Users Tab Redesigned

The Schools and Users tab has been updated with a new UI and the ability to assign roles to users.

  1. In the main view, the Edit, Invite and Delete buttons have been moved to the right hand side of the User box. The ability to edit a user's organization memberships has been moved within the Edit window.

  2. To manage which roles are assigned to a user, click one of the roles listed in the green bar to open the Select Roles popdown.


The Edit User window is accessed by clicking the pencil icon in the user's box.

  1. A user's name, email and description can be edited directly in their fields
  2. School memberships can be edited by clicking the pencil icon next to "School Memberships" (Opens a popdown window)
  3. Roles in any organization (for which you are an administrator and they are a member) can be managed by clicking an existing role in that organization's box (Opens a popdown window)
  4. They can be removed from any organization shown by clicking the X icon in that organization's box


Fixes and Improvements

  • The domain summary table now shows more useful labels in the score field when a score can't be easily pulled from a Marking Table. Default degree scores have been updated to 3, 2, 1, 0 from 5, 3, 1, 0
  • Additional degrees default to the current max value +1, where they used to default to 0
  • Long rubric and review titles now fade out to prevent page formatting issues.
  • Improved filter on rubric categories will prevent categories with 0 rubrics from showing.
  • Fixed a bug that was caused points to be displayed for formative elements in a completed review.
  • Many enhancements to bring better functionality to people using Internet Explorer 8.