Rubrix release, March 2013

This release addressed over 150 small issues, in addition to some new features like role modification, review mode changes, and review abbreviations.

Product/Feature Improvements

  • Administrators can now modify a role by either promoting a Subject to a Reviewer, or vice versa. This is done through the Subjects listing – click on the "Reviewer" or "Subject" button to change.
  • Improved display of multi-select (checklist style) Elements & Degrees
  • We have removed the Quick Mark button from the Reviews page. Instead, Quick Mark editing mode (seeing degree labels with no further details) can be found at minimum detail. We recommend using this feature only when you know a Rubric very well – and it's always good to check in on details if you are at all unsure.
  • Degrees now show their abbreviations, as well as full titles, when reviewing in full detail mode.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the "contact support" link on the forgotten password dialog.
  • Administrators can now delete organizations.
  • Omitted elements no longer display a mark if they were scored before being omitted.
  • Made it easier to remove attached images (no longer need to reload page before change takes effect).
  • Administrators can now see Completed Reviews for the entire organization. Access these through the "School Reviews" tab. Please note the exception to this is when the Administor themselves are the Subject.
  • Many other small cosmetic improvements & bug fixes were included in this release.