Rubrix release, September 2012 (Element Omit, Review Editor)

This release focuses on improving how you perform Reviews. We've redesigned the Review Editor to match the printed review styles, and make it more intuitive.

Changes include

  • Comments (element notes) can now be edited inline, instead of using pop-ups. This makes it easier to focus on recording accurate observations.
  • The Review title and description can also be edited right in the review. Click on the pencil to edit.
  • Image attachments can now be added to element notes. Click on the image button in a note, and then simply drag-and-drop your attachment to include it. Full-sized images are displayed right in the review. Currently, Internet Explorer is not supported for note attachment editing – use Safari, Firefox, or Chrome for this feature.
  • Our new Quick Mark feature makes it easy to mark elements without showing degree descriptions and other details – this is good for reviews you do so often that you understand what each degree means without having to read about it.
  • Rubrix now supports the ability to omit elements. This means that:
    • Elements can be flagged as omissible in the Rubric editor.
    • Elements can be marked as "omitted" in the Review editor. The grading table is adjusted to account for the omitted score.
    • Aggregate reports show scores that reflect omit-adjusted scores.

We've also fixed a number of small bugs and made some internal improvements to prepare for future releases.

Update September 20, 2012

An update was released to address a few minor bugs from the release above. This release focused on the print PDF generated from the print report of a review, and included fixes for the following:

  • Domain level mark abbreviations were displaying outside of the page borders.
  • Mark and mark labels were overflowing to lower page.
  • Checkboxes on elements with one selectable degree were being displayed incorrectly.
  • In the Summary, the Reviewer field was overflowing to line below.
  • Degree text was overlapping the checkboxes.

Additionally, pasting clipboard content into a new note with a mouse causes the note to not get sent to the server – and this has now been fixed.