Rubrix Summer Release, July 2014 (Classes)


This release focuses on a major feature in Rubrix: classes. Now, administrators are able to create classes, assign students to them, manage sub-groups (like honour roll students within a particular class), and easily create reviews for everybody in that class or sub-group.


Your class list is accessible via a new tab. Here it is called "schools," but this terminology is customizable and so may be different if your organization is not a school.

If you click on a class name, you'll be taken to the class view which shows the class details. Click on "Create a new..." to define subgroups for your class (i.e. a group of students working on a project together). 

These are the steps for putting students in a group:

  1. Click on "Edit this class" to come OUT of Edit Mode.
  2. Click the group name that you have already defined.
  3. Select the students for your group by clicking on their names.


Once students are in groups, you can create review assignments in bulk. So, rather than creating one review at a time for each student in Project Group A, you can create four reviews at once. Here's how:

  1. Click on the drop-down arrow beside the group name (in this case "Project Group A")
  2. Click "Review this set."
  3. Name the review and choose the rubric you are going to use.
  4. Each individual review shows in the class listing. You can also see them by going to the Reviews tab.

Note: To create a review assignment for the whole class, use the "Review this class" button near the top of your screen.


Other Notes

Additionally, a few small bug fixes and cosmetic changes were made.

This is an automatic web update that does not require action by users. Please email our technical support team if you have any questions regarding this release.

August 2014 Update

A small follow-up release to address a number of smaller issues:

  • fixing a case where class reviews were not being listed,
  • enabling review creation based on rublets in the new class view,
  • improving the rubric selection drop down in the new class view,
  • adding filtering for trashed organizations in one of our APIs, and
  • fixing some configuration for our university users.