What is a Rublet?

A Rublet can be thought of as a subset of a full Rubric. Think of it as a way to break down a large and complicated master Rubric into a number of simpler, more manageable pieces. There are many reasons and ways to use Rublets, but the education example is a particularly good one.

The official state Rubrics for evaluating teachers often have 50, 60 or even more Elements – there is a lot of detail. For example, the document that explains the Texas Teacher Evaluation rubric is 140 pages long! Having this level of detail and rigor makes good sense for the formal summative teacher evaluations on which a teacher’s continued employment depends. However, it’s far too much detail for quick formative evaluations that most principals regularly perform to help teachers improve (and get them ready for summative evaluations!)

Remember: formative assessment is when the cook tastes the soup to guide its preparation, summative assessment is when the customer tastes the soup after its done. The whole point of a formative evaluation is to get a quick sense of what’s cooking, with the intent of improving the soup; it is judging for the purposes of improvement, nothing more. A teacher should be comfortable with the Principal dropping in for a few minutes, observing what’s happening and leaving them with a few tips on ways to improve. Formative assessment is a good thing.

Since state summative Rubrics are large, Principals need a simple way to make a short evaluation instrument with only 5 or 6 elements instead of 50 or more – something that can be filled in during a 10 minute classroom visit.

Out of the 50+ Elements in the state Rubric, the Principal needs to create multiple short Rublets that focus on different aspects of what a teacher does. One might be 6 Elements related to classroom control, another might be 5 Elements related to presentation of a lesson.

Or 4 Elements related to classroom organization, or maybe 3 related to questioning techniques and another 3 related to student interactions. Whatever combination is appropriate for the moment.

That’s what Rublets are all about.

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