Create and Perform a Review using the Web Application

Once you have one or more Rubrics set up, and you have Subjects entered, it is time to do a Review. This article describes this process for the web-application. This is what you would use if you are using Rubrix from your desktop or laptop computer, or even from a tablet (such as an iPad).

Create the Review

  1. Go to the reviews section of the website
  2. Click the Create a new Review button
  3. Give your Review a Name and Description
  4. Pick the Subject you wish to review
  5. Decide whether your Review will be based on a Full Rubric or a Rublet
  6. Use the drop-down menu to select which Rubric your Review will be based on
  7. Click Start Review


Perform the Review

  1. Use the buttons beside Detail to decide which level of detail to show in your Review
    • One line is the minimum level of detail. This shows the name of the Element, and the Degrees by Label only. This is most often used when you have done many Reviews using the same Rubric and really know what each Degree means.
    • Two lines show the name of the Element, and Degrees by Title & Description. Performing an evaluation by reading the description for each degree is the best way to make sure you are evaluating accurately.
    • Three lines is the maximum amount of detail available. In addition to the Degree Descriptions as above, it shows Descriptions for each Element and Domain. This really gives you the full understanding of what you are evaluating.
  2. Click on the Degree (box) you would like to select for each Element.

    • The box will become highlighted so you can see which you have selected.
    • If you are showing more detail for your Degrees, you will also see a checkmark in the appropriate box.
    • If you select another Degree and the Element is setup as single-select, the previously selected Degree will be automatically unselected.
    • You can click a selected Degree to unselect it if you've marked the Element in error.
  3. If you would like to add a Note to an Element you have marked, click on the Notes bubble. A text editor will appear – enter your text, and click Save note. Add as many as you like and then click Close.

  4. When you are done your evaluation, click the Mark as Completed button.

Note: All Reviews show up in your Review list. If a Review is In-Progress, it will have a half-filled green circle beside it. If a Review is Set to Completed, this green circle will display with a checkmark.