Create New Rubrics

This article addresses how to enter your Rubric into Rubrix. It assumes you are currently working with a Rubric on paper or a simple spreadsheet. Developing a new evaluation Rubric from scratch is a much bigger topic.

In order to create a new Rubric, you will need to have the Account Administrator, Organization Administrator or Author roles assigned to your user. It would be helpful to read Understanding Rubrics before you proceed.

Basic Setup

  1. From the rubrics section of the website, click the Create a new Rubric button.
  2. Select the organization the rubric will be created for
  3. Give your Rubric a name.
  4. Describe the Rubric – this will be helpful to you if you end up with a long list of Rubrics, especially if some are similarly named.
  5. Label your Rubric with a Category. Examples of Categories are "Math, Art, English" or "Teacher Evaluation." This will allow you to filter Rubrics into groups.
  6. Leave you Rubric as "draft" until it is complete.
  7. Click the "Create Rubric" button.

Next Steps

Your Rubric has now been started. It contains one Sample Domain, which includes one Sample Element to get you started. It is easiest to edit these to suit your purposes.


  • Elements are the aspects of the Subject being assessed.
  • Degrees contain descriptive text or images to aid in the matching process, a descriptive name and label (such as a letter grade), and an optional points value.
  • Domains are collections of elements that share some characteristics.