Navigate the Rubrix Web Interface

Rubrix has 5 top-level tabs: Account, Subjects, Rubrics, Reviews and Reports. They are found in the top right portion of the screen. Each tab is only visible if you have permission to access that area of the application. Here is an overview of each of the 5 top-level tabs:

  • Account - this is where you manage everything related to your Account. The functions here do vary according to your roles. All users are able to update their information (Name, Email, Mailing List Subscriptions). Account Administrators and Organization Administrators are also able to mange Users and Organizations from this section.

  • Subjects - this is where you can add, edit and remove subjects (people or things that are being reviewed). This page is available to Account Administrators and Organization Administrators.

  • Rubrics - shows a list of all of your available Rubrics and allows you to create, edit and delete Rubrics. When you first use your Account, the list will be empty, but if you click on “Rubric Library” you will see a list of the publicly available ones; this is useful as you can explore them and see how Rubrics are put together. You can also print a full Rubric from this section.

  • Reviews - shows a list of all of the Reviews that you have performed and allows you to create, edit and delete Reviews. You can also print a full review from this section.

  • Reports - this is where you will find a selection of built-in Reports. The Progress summaries section offers a Report which displays a summary of all Reviewers and their progress on current reviews. The remaining Reports allow you to see full comparisons of Reviews that have been done, either by Rubric, by Subject, or by Reviewer.